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# 1 pink felted purse/ SOLD



100% wool = $48.00 pink purse  sold

may pay by check, money order, or paypal. 

The price includes shipping.

#3 100% wool felted eyeglass case
specify color with order= $15.00

8 colors left: black/ rose/ white with grey/ peach/ white with green/ brown/ moss greenish grey/ raseberry

Beautiful handmade one-of-a-kind felted purse.  The wool is of the finest quality, and the craftsmanship is superior.  Measurements are: 9"x 17" with double handle.  A beautiful handmade button matches the bag.  When ordering, please specify your choice of color: (11.)  pink, or (12.)  grey.

# 4  felted toy balls


Felted ball toys =$5.00 each
suggestions: cat toys, juggling